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How do you help people build amazing software?

This is the question that keeps us up at night.

It doesn't matter if you're new to software development, an established team working, or a global enterprise embarking on a Digital Transformation - we know that building good software is hard.

FlowStep is a framework modern software development that provides people and companies with a valuable, inclusive, and collaborative processes for the creation and governance of requirements, documentation and other artifacts.

Designed to empower business, product and technology stakeholders, FlowStep optimises and accelerates product and software development lifecycles through a combination of user centred design principles and behaviour driven development practices.

FlowStep contains a set of integrated software development features that government and enterprise organizations struggle to implement at scale. This framework is both accessible and efficient for people of varying levels of experience and skill.

The self documenting capabilities of the platform result in a significant increase in operational and organizational agility. Increased discoverability and reuse of existing assets, faster and more accurate development of new capabilities, as well as happier employees and improved overall quality through standardisation, templating and automation.

FlowStep’s “define once, use everywhere” philosophy, coupled with the centralised and automated creation of versioned artifacts results in employees having to do fewer menial and repetitive tasks - which are subject to error - increases agility, quality and employee satisfaction within an organization.

Our Mission

To bring the best software development practices to every company.

To help teams achieve their best, we must understand the elements, leverage the relationships and exploit the inefficiencies in the software development process.

Holistic API Management
Modern software development is multidisciplinary

Leadership and Advisors

Rich and Relevant Experience

  • David Yonan - Founder, CEO and Head of Product

    David Yonan

    Founder and CEO

  • Mike Amundsen - Technical Advisor

    Mike Amundsen

    Advisor: API Strategy

  • Grant McDougall - Business and Marketing Advisor

    Grant McDougall

    Advisor: Brand and Marketing