FlowStep Features

"Undifferentiated Heavy Lifting"

The "low value", but important tasks that should / must be done, but people hate to do - like documentation.

FlowStep allows you to offload these repetative, unscalable, boring and error prone tasks to templating and automation, so you can focus on adding value.

Collaborative Editing

Across the room, or across the world, see who's doing what in real time. Work with confidence, knowing that all changes are versioned and tracked by the application.

Mobile First Design

Because working from home does not always mean working on a computer, and working on a team does not always mean you are in the same timezone.

Versioning and Tracking

Understand if changes are benign or breaking. Know if the version you are using is current or old. See where and how the item you are using is being referenced.

Artifact Creation

OpenAPI Specs, JSON Objects and Schmeas, Documentation, JavaScript Validation, Mocks. All fully versioned, instantly created and immediately updated.

Content Publishing

Beautiful, consistent and versioned documentation in HTML, MD and YAML formats is published to your destination of choice in the click of a button.

Item Reuse and Version

FlowStep takes the effort and guesswork out of knowing how and where your data is being used. It also tells you which version in which environment.

Richly Describe Data

FlowStep's powerful Model Builder makes it easy to accurately define data. Mark it as PII or Sensitive, define the limitations or constraints, or document the details.

Everything's Reusable

Eliminate duplication, eradicate waste. Everything from API Specifications, User flow items, Data Properties, API Headers and Request Parameters is reusable.