Core Functionality

Everything's Connected.Everything's Reusable.

Most software development tools focus on one capability, and they do it well. However, the scope and value they can provide is limited because of the bounds of the domain in which they operate.

FlowStep embraces the length, breadth and complexity of modern software to help you understand the connections across the whole of your company. The larger your applications and organization, the more impossible it is to do manually.

FlowStep provides you with unrivaled insight into how your Projects, Programs and wider Organization are connected and your Data, APIs, Pages and User Flows are consumed.

Modern Software Development

User Flows and Functional Requirements

User Flows combine Human Centred Design principles and Behaviour Driven Development practices to create a collaborative, valuable and inclusive requirements and documentation experience that is unique to FlowStep.

User Flows are the best way for reomte and co-located teams to collaboratively discuss, define and refine the requirements in real time.

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API Management and Governance

APIs are hard because there are so many dependencies on them. How many APIs do you have? Who created it? What version is where? Who is using it? What value does it deliver to your organization? Should you keep it or kill it?

FlowStep allows you to easily design, document and track your APIs through the API Lifecycle and across your Software Development Environments.

Then you create new and improved experiences enabled by your APIs with the full confidence that your services are fit for purpose.

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Data Properties and Model Management

It's not just Data, it's the Lifeblood of your Organization!

In times of increased regulation, record fines and user awareness, it's imperative you understand your data.

Data Properties, Request and Response Header Parameters, Query Parameters, Path Parameters, Objects and Arrays that are created, managed and governed centrally within FlowStep give you unrivaled visibility and confidence.

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